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Imagine to build a web reporting dashboard like Google-Analytics for your customers in hours.

Stop sharing static reporting with power points or BI tools that do not scale and require lots of maintenance and manual work and start using a real time analytics software


The best sales preposition – reporting software

A React web reporting analytics dashboard for your clients to track your service is a strong argument for KAM

Focus IT in what matters – try a real time analytics software

Developers are building your core business and they will never have time to build and mantain web reporting for the sales team

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With our web reporting software, a junior developer can build an analytics service in hours, you do not need a full-stack team

Easy to use and customize – reinventing web reporting

Shimoku is low-code editor is as easy as a wordpress and offers great tutorials for all your needs

Your customers will love your web reporting dashboard

With Shimoku you can build a web reporting dashboard to share the metrics with to your clients in hours.

Without extra-cost per user. Unlike BI tools you can give access to 1000 users for no extra cost

Differentiate your brand with the best service - use a real time analytics software

Great service is the foundation of your brand, an effective leverage for differentiation and growth. See the results in your bottom line.