Speed up your product development with prototyping & data visualization tools

If you have a SaaS service with analytics and you want to try new analytics features you can do it with our data visualization software

A single person can prototype a whole page of your product in a single day


Avoid experiments that consume big amount of resources – use a data visualization software

To explore and try new things is key for companies. Nevertheless try new things in SaaS could take weeks of many members and few end up arriving to production

Let your clients touch and feel before productize it

Usually when you do an analytics view in your SaaS service clients like the mock up but when they start using new needs arise. Let your clients touch it before implement it

Reduce the workload for users tests

With a single developer, in hours you can develop a new analytics page and share it with your clients to have a clear, high quality feedback

Let your customers touch before putting expensive developers to implement it

With our data visualization tool you can build an Analytics as a Service flying and test it with users in hours

Try more things, implement those with impact - engage with data visualization

You can boost your ratio of experiments, and implement only what is market-proof