Predict how your cohorts will perform with AI Lead Scoring

Discover the Artificial Intelligence lead scoring software that predicts which of your customers have more probabilities to make a new purchase soon. Personalize your recommendations and address them at the right time with an actionable tool 


Focus on the right customers with AI lead Scoring 

Discern quickly which are the customers that you need to address first in orger to get more revenue

Predict the probability of next purchase with AI lead Scoring

In an eyeball see customers that are going to  and take specific actions

Hyper-Personalized Recommendation system 

Shimoku’s AI Lead Scoring Suite also offers a recommendation system so that you can have specific actions & products to offer your clients to products that they are going to be more interested on or products to increase Average Order Value

Predict Which Customers Will Make a Purchase Soon - AI Lead Scoring

Which customers will make a purchase soon? Which products can you suggest to them to make them happier and obtain more revenue & customer satisfaction?

Thanks to machine learning technology, Shimoku’s AI Lead Scoring suite is able to make highly accurate predictions about what customers will make a purchase soon and how much money they’ll spend.

With our predictions, you can focus on those segments of customers that will make a purchase soon. You can also focus on their counterparts, those customers that are unlikely to purchase soon, to increase their purchase frequency.

Recommendation System

With our Smart questions you can easily filter and create segments of customers to address & also the most interesting products that you can offer to them, with great accuracy thanks to our machine learning technology. This includes which customers could be potentially interested in what, to offer them new products so you can also produce campaigns to increase their basket size.