IoT Analytics - What can it do for you?

Unleash the digital transformation of your Business with an IoT Data Visualization Platform & IoT Predictive Analytics

Easily connect to physical data origins in order to offer Comprehensible Analytics Dashboards and share it with whomever you want

Save valuable time with IoT Analytics

Reduce manual tasks, fix issues faster & offer actionable insights. Focus on what really matters to your business 

IoT Predictive Analytics as a plus

Try our plug&play Suites and enrich your data with anomaly detection, better resource planning & consumption insights

Offer a Comprehensible IoT data visualization platform

Fast IoT Analytics at scale easy to understand for any kind of viewer 


Real time IoT Analytics at your fingertips

With Shimoku you will have an IoT data Vizualiztion Platform that offers real time analytics which help business to be better equipped in order to understand data

With the plus of IoT predictive analytics, your business is going to be able to improve products and increase earnings,
optimizing products according to customer needs faster, providing also a better experience