What Can You Do With a Predictive Tool?

Answer Questions that Matter

Ask and answer any questions that might arise with our growth management platform (GMP). If you have the data, our predictive analytics platform will enable you to find the answers in that data to help propel your organization forward.

Connect to all your Data Sources

Predictive tools work alongside and one step beyond a number of third-party data sources, granting you access to the predictive power of your data using tools that are already in your stack. Through integration with databases, Tableau, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and many others, you can continue to use your favorite tools alongside our predictive analytics software.

Have a full-time Data Scientist in your Marketing Team

This predictive analytics platform is so easy to use that anyone with a question, regardless of their technical ability, can access our forecasts and let Shimoku take it from there. It's like having a data scientist on your team 24/7.

With a predictive tool users can get quick, accurate, and interpretable answers to any of their data questions.

We design delightful artificial intelligence solutions

Read more about what we do and our machine learning philosophy. Explore our work and the results we’ve achieved for other clients. Meet our highly experienced team who just love to automatize human tasks. Then judge our work for yourself!

Our Predictive Analytics Software is...


Our predictive tool trains, tests, and then selects the most accurate, state-of-the-art AI models to apply to your data, giving you super accurate predictions and forecasting.


Our predictive analytics platform understands that for you to trust its predictions, understand how and why it’s come to its conclusions is helpful. This is why our platform explains how and why it’s reached its conclusions.


Our predictive analytics software's automated reports explain the results and how to interpret them. Easily share these reports with anyone in your organization using the method you prefer: email, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Quickly resolve your business questions with a predictive tool!

Integrate in just a few clicks

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