The future of energy requires better analytics

In the changing world of the Energy industry, Shimoku brings its patented technology to allow Energy companies to create their analytics service fast and with small or no resources to give a better service to clients and providers


Focus in revolutionize energy not in analytics

We allow you and your tech team to focus in what matters the most for you and for the world while we allow you to make your own Google analytics for clients in a blink of an eye

Machine learning suites

Shimoku offers a set of plug&play suites for businesses to control churn, next customer interaction, recommender system and demand planning

Avoid the in-house drama

When you want your analytics to scale, the only way is to do it in-house. Shimoku allows you to make in 1 day what a full-stack team can only do in months

Unlimited users for no extra-cost

BI tools are a ruin when you want to share specific data with tens of users. Imagine to share it with thousands for no extra-cost

Real time analytics in your pocket

With Shimoku you can build a web analytics to share the real time metrics with thousands of users. We reduce the development time up to a 99.75%


Your clients will love the way you share the data

Stop sharing data in excels, pdf or with in-house solutions that brings your team focus far from what is more important to your business