DIY Data app creator

With Shimoku no code app builder you can create react apps in an easy way, creating state-of-the-art apps without a full-stack IT team

Our partners can do it all if required so that you don’t need developers in your team, you only need our data app creator. An API instead of an IT team!


Skyrocket your business fast with our DIY data app creator

You can create a whole app with a single developer. Full stack not required any more, no code app builder system

Scale your analytics to milions of users with a no code app builder

Shimoku’s patented technology is the same that that of Google-Analytics. Therefore you can scale it to milions of users without breaking points

Personalize, tune, pivot, and grow fast with our app creator

Personalize, tune for different clients in hours. Pivot your business model without a need for re-doing your whole tech stack. Create react app and discover a whole new world!

Your customers will love your Analytics as a Service - no code app builder

With Shimoku you will have an app creator that will allow you to build analytics dashboard as a Service flying and go to market in days