Stock Control, Sales Forecasting & Demand Planning

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Get your most relevant questions answered and keep all your eCommerce products in stock using a ML powered sales forecasting method.

Stock Control

Predict Stockouts

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Sales Forecasting

Forecasting Methods to Monitor Your Product Operations

Each item in your catalog is unique.
By giving you the ability to analyze demand patterns from the SKU level, Shimoku builds specific demand profiles to ensure that the correct sales forecasting models are applied to your products. Shimoku’s forecasting method includes an analysis of SKU, product group, location, or channel level demand. Analyze total sales volume, sales frequency, sales quantities, and individual transactions, factoring in metrics, such as emerging trends, seasonality, and volatility.

Sales Forecasting & Demand Planning

Shimoku’s product suite provides sales forecasting & demand planning for each individual product. With Shimoku, you’ll know how much you’ll sell in the coming days.

– How much of every single product will I sell in the following days and weeks?

– Is the sales trend for a specific product changing?

– Which products are losing sales inertia? Which product sales can I expect to accelerate?

Stock Control: Prevent Overstock & Stockouts

With accurate stock control, you can easily manage your product operations in the blink of an eye.

Get answers to your most relevant questions and make sure you have all the products that will be under demand soon on hand.

– Which products will be out of stock?
– Which products are in overstock?

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