The Future of eCommerce Sales Forecasting & Demand Planning


eCommerce Sales Forecasting & Demand Planning & Purchase Trend Changes Evolve or Die There are always obstacles and opportunities in eCommerce. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about historically significant changes. eCommerce sales forecasting and demand planning, in particular, face fascinating new terrain. The share for eCommerce of global retail trade jumped from 14% in […]

Forecasting Methods: A Quick Overview

Fine tuning your sales forecasting for a more transparent future Every company on earth, of whatever size, wants to be able to see the future. A sales forecast is the estimated sales a company can expect to make within any chosen forecast period, be that a week or a year. Accurate forecasting of future sales […]

Why is Stock Control Vital to Your Business?


Why is Stock Control Vital to Your Business? Avoid Overstock and Stockouts With a swift increase in effective ways to attract and retain customers recently, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), it might be easy to overlook the products you connect with them through. It’s equally important to focus attention on managing existing stock, including inventory […]

The power of Hyper-Personalization

How can Predictive Analytics help your eCommerce? Improving the journeys of customers and marketers alike with a Predictive Analytics Software Jaw-dropping increases in computing power, data collection, and data storage over the past decade mean predictive analytics software can now offer quantifiable and immense benefits to almost any area of life and business, including eCommerce […]

How to Retain your Customers?


7 Secrets to Boost Customer Value and Avoid Churn in eCommerce You made a sale. That’s great! Wait, is it? How much did it cost to attract that customer and get that sale? When you factor in Customer Acquisition Cost, which includes everything from development and marketing costs to customer service, you may not have […]