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Predictive Analytics for eCommerce Marketers

Imagine a machine learning app that predicts customer churn and next purchase, and that can also predict individual product sales and stock coverage.

What do all these fast growing companies have in common? They all use Shimoku's artificial intelligence services in their daily operations!

Shimoku’s growth management platform simplifies the lives of eCommerce marketers, helping them drive growth and loyalty for their brands

Meet Shimoku, the first integrated eCommerce growth management platform (GMP). It delivers a broad feature set, ranging from engagement to products, leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Shimoku connects your eCommerce platform and your CRM solutions, combining them into one automated service so that you can boost your performance through advanced predictive analytics.


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Predictive Analytics for eCommerce Marketers
Ready-to-Use Machine Learning Solution
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Predict Customer Churn and Next Purchase
Connects to your CRM to automatically create the customer segments that you need to contact to boost your profitability and customer satisfaction
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Predict Product Sales and Stock Coverage
Connects back to your eCommerce to change product prices based on demand and available stock or hide them if needed
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No More Painful Integrations

Dozens of integrations in just a few clicks. One major problem when adopting machine learning apps into your eCommerce is finding machine learning solutions that are easy to connect to your current stack.

The other solutions out there right now need weeks or months of integration, passing through a deep sales channel. Shimoku allows you to integrate any data source, destination, and visualization tool easily.

Available for Shopify, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.

With Shimoku, there’s no need for complicated integrations for predictive analytics!